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How Can You Whiten Teeth?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available nowadays. You can whiten teeth either at home or in a dentist’s office using peroxide based bleaching products and treatments.

Who Should Consider Whitening Teeth?

Our teeth are covered by shiny white enamel which eventually dulls and loses its original color as a result of wear and tear. Due to this reason, most adults have teeth that are a far cry from the pearly whites that nature bestowed on them. The damage is considerably more in individuals who drink, smoke, use other tobacco products or consume a lot of food and drinks that are acidic in nature and dark in color. Anybody can consider tooth whitening since it can greatly improve the quality of one’s smile, boost confidence and make you look better and more beautiful.

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The Process Of Tooth Whitening

You can whiten teeth in a dentist’s office or at home. In office teeth whitening generally takes an hour or slightly more and involves the application of potent carbamide peroxide bleaching agents and lasers on the teeth while the gums are protected. One can also carry out at home bleaching using dentist dispensed kits. At home bleaching kits generally contain the same bleaching agents as those administered during in office whitening, but with a low percentage of bleaching agents, they need to be used for a longer duration or need more repetitions to whiten teeth properly.

Whiten Teeth - Benefits

If you whiten teeth using professionally dispensed whitening kits or get it done in a dentist’s office, then you can get teeth that are 5 to 9 percent whiter than what you had before the treatment. With customized teeth whitening, you can also get rid of stains caused by injury or mineral exposure while avoiding technicolor teeth; some problems that you might face if you use over the counter kits to whiten teeth.

Whiten Teeth - Risks and Side Effects

As a result of application of bleaching agents on the teeth, many people experience heightened sensitivity and slight burning on the gums. However, these side effects are generally temporary and last only for a couple of days.

Whiten Teeth - Costs

Depending upon your location and the dental care facility you choose, teeth whitening can cost you $100 to $400 for at home whitening and $300 to $1000 for in office whitening.

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