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One of the signs of aging is loosening of the skin in upper arm. The muscles become weaker and extra fat accumulates below the skin. The extra skin can be noticed especially when the arms spread to the sides, creating a shape of a hammock. This phenomenon can also appear in younger age group as a result of excessive weight reduction. Liposuction provides only partial solution and extra skin has to be removed by surgery. This procedure is not suitable for women who underwent mastectomy, because of the rick of arm swelling due to lymph node removal.

The procedure to remove the extra fat and skin called brachioplasty. It lasts about an hour for each arm, depending on the amount of skin and tissue needs to be removed. The surgeon removes the extra fat and skin from your upper arms and tightens the skin. The incision goes from the elbow to the armpit. When he`s done, the cut is sutured and sometimes a drainage tube is left to prevent accumulation of blood and secretion. It is important to understand that this operation always leaves a visible scar. The scar is usually seen in the inner portion of the arm.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, sometimes general anesthesia preferred. Every operation has its ricks. This one includes infection, collection of blood clots, fluid collection between the muscle and skin (called seroma) and excessive scaring. Infection can be treated with antibiotics, blood clots and seromas can be removed using a needle, and scar can be removed in another operation.

After the surgery the upper arm are bandaged usually with elastic bandages. Some of the patients may feel numbness, which can last up to four month. The stitches usually removed after 2-3 weeks. Swelling and redness may appear at first, they usually disappear during the first month. Most of the patients return to work after a week. It is advisable to avoid heavy lifting and applying any stress to the arms for a couple of month. The final result aren`t t seen right away, the healing process is individual for every person. It may take half a year to 2 years until the scars will heal completely and the upper arms regain their final shape.

Many patients report improvement in their self-confidence after the surgery. They are able to wear cloth with short sleeves, vests and baiting suites.

Plastic Surgery Upper Arm Lift Procedure Animation

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