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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains and debris from the surface of tooth enamel. It is a popular in NC (North Carolina) and affordable cosmetic treatment for regaining the original color of your teeth.

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North Carolina Understand

North Carolina is a very old and traditional state. According to some, North Carolina can claim to be the first state. In 1775, the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed, even though North Carolina wasn't the first to ratify the Constitution.

Travelers familiar with the American South will find that North Carolina is typical of the area in terms of culture. To some degree, it is a "transition state" between the Deep South and the Mid-Atlantic area. As a result, it has a moderate mixture of cultural influences; this effect is heightened by a very high rate of immigration from northern states and from Latin America.

Teeth Whitening in NC (North Carolina) - Why Should One Go For It?

Over a period of time, the shiny white enamel that coats our teeth becomes discolored due to regular wear and tear and exposure to tobacco, alcohol, acidic and dark colored foods, and as a result of aging and trauma. Anyone with lackluster, dull and discolored teeth can explore the large number of teeth whitening options available nowadays in NC (North Carolina).

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Teeth Whitening in NC (North Carolina) - The Procedure

There are a number of teeth whitening procedures available today in NC (North Carolina). In-office whitening refers to whitening that is carried out in a dentist’s office using high intensity bleaching agents. The process takes an hour at the most. Another popular option is at home teeth whitening, which can be carried out either through the use of over the counter teeth whitening kits or professionally dispensed teeth whitening kits provided by dentists. The concentration of teeth bleaching agents in at-home whitening kits is generally lower than what a dentist would use in his office, and therefore, these need to be applied for longer periods or a larger number of times.

NC teeth whitening - News update:
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Teeth Whitening in NC (North Carolina) - Benefits

Teeth whitening can result in a shade improvement of three to nine shades based on the shade guides used by dentists to measure teeth whitening results. However, your dentist will be able to provide you with a better estimate of expected shade improvement and most people experience an improvement of three to seven shades.

NC teeth whitening - Tip of the day:
What are the risks associated with Teeth Whitening?
Like with any other cosmetic treatments, there are certain risks associated with teeth whitening if it is not done by skilled hands. There are chances of chemical burns caused by gel bleaching. There is also the risk of hyperodonto oxidation called “over bleaching” in simple terms. There have been instances of people losing their teeth as well due to poor treatment procedure. Hence, the doctors in NC(North Carolina) highly recommend that you find the best dentists to do this job for you. 

Teeth Whitening in NC (North Carolina) - Risks and Side Effects

Teeth sensitivity and gum irritation due to bleach application are common side effects of teeth whitening that generally disappear over a few days.

Teeth Whitening  in NC (North Carolina) - Costs

In comparison to NC (North Carolina) - in the US in generally, the average cost of in office teeth whitening is approximately $650, while take home teeth whitening kits cost anywhere between $100 and $400. Over the counter kits can be bought for $20 and above.

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