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All About Swine Flu in LB (Lebanon)

Swine Influenza or commonly known as Swine Flu is the pig’s disease. This respiratory disease is caused Influenza by a virus and is highly contagious. It is reported that almost 1-4% of the infected pigs die because of this virus. The disease multiplies through both direct and indirect contact. Aerosols and pigs which are infected yet showing no symptoms also are responsible for spreading this disease far and wide. Though, round the world many pigs are now being vaccinated, but the havoc has been caused.

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Here is some General Information about LB:

Lebanon Cities Map of Lebanon

Many cities in Lebanon have English names which are significantly different to their Arabic names; the romanized versions of the Arabic names in given in parentheses below.

Beirut - the capital and largest city
Byblos (Joubeil)
Sidon (Saida)
Tripoli (Trablus)
Tyre (Sour)

Swine Flu in LB (Lebanon) - The Medical Name

Though it is commonly the pigs’ disease, but humans have also been reported to be infected recently. Swine flu is the subtype of H1N1 influenza, though they may come from other sources namely- H1N2, H3N1, and H3N2. The current havoc caused is the outcome of H1N1 and in comparison to others is mild.

LB swine flu - News update:

Objective  To assess the clinical responsiveness of the CLASI (Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus [CLE] Disease Area and Severity Index).

Design  Validation cohort.

Setting  Tertiary referral center.

Patients  Eight patients with CLE.

Intervention  Assessment of patients with CLE from baseline until day 56 after starting a new standard of care therapy.

Main Outcome Measures  Correlation of the baseline to day-56 change in 2 CLASI scales (disease activity and damage), with baseline to day-56 change in the physicians' and patients' assessments of patient's global skin health scores, and the patients' assessments of pain and itch.

Results  The change in CLASI activity score highly correlated with the changes in 3 clinical validation measures: physicians' assessment of skin health (r = 0.97; P = .003; n = 7), patients' global skin health score (r = 0.85; P = .007; n = 8), and pain (r = 0.98; P = .004; n = 5). Using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test, paired baseline to day-56 changes in CLASI activity and damage scores were analyzed for the 2 subgroups (meaningful change vs nonmeaningful change) composing each validation variable. Change in CLASI activity was significantly different for patients who had a meaningful change in their global skin self-ratings (Z = 1.07; P = .03) and approached statistical significance for patients who had a meaningful change in their level of itching (Z = 1.83; P = .06) and their physicians' global skin rating (Z = 1.84; P = .06). The CLASI activity score decreases after successful therapeutic intervention, whereas the damage score may increase in scarring forms of CLE.

Conclusion  The activity score of the CLASI correlates with the improvement of global skin health, pain, and itch and is thus a useful tool to measure clinical response.


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Swine Flu in LB (Lebanon) - The Symptoms

The symptoms of swine flu are same as that of seasonal influenza. The symptoms in the human vary from individual to individual on the basis of their immunity system. It may vary from no symptom at all, to mild, to severe to fatal. The common symptoms are Body aches, Chills, Cough, Headache, Sore throat, Fever, Fatigue or Tiredness, Vomiting and Diarrhea.

LB swine flu - Tip of the day:
Is the diagnosis of swine flu easy?
There are two ways of diagnosing swine flu in humans. One is nasopharyngeal, swab of the back of the throat to study viral culture. This method is quite effective and other is the indirect evidence test. This test involves the detection of antibodies in the human body. The other effective way of diagnosing swine flu is RT-PCR (Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction). During this process the quantification of mRNA is carried out. During the test the viral load is checked for in an individual. Both tests should be available in LB(Lebanon).

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Swine Flu in LB (Lebanon) - How to Prevent?

Humans around the world and in LB (Lebanon) are being infected of the disease either because of contact with infected pigs or contact with infected humans. In the case of spread of infection through humans a very close contact is needed. Though there are ways to avoid the disease from spreading. We all need to be vigilant and keep few things in mid like wash our hands at regularly intervals with soap, stay healthy, take plenty of sleep, work-out regularly, manage stress, drink lot of water, eat well, avoid getting in contact with surfaces where there are virus, maintain distance with sick people and avoid going to crowded places in LB (Lebanon). Always, remember, prevention is better than cure. Though, there are vaccinations available in the market now to treat the patients.


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