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Sex change operation, also known as sex reassignment surgery or SRS and gender reassignment surgery or GRS, is a plastic surgery that includes several surgical procedures for changing the gender of a person. This gender change surgery is a cosmetic surgery through which the physical appearance, the sexual functions, and the sexual characteristics or orientation of the patient is altered. Several people are born with a disorder of gender identity and they are termed as transgender or transsexual persons.

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SRS Cosmetic Surgery Details in Oklahoma (OK)

SRS Cosmetic Surgery Details

The body procedures in this plastic surgery are done by a qualified surgeon. If done on transwomen, the cosmetic surgery is termed as vaginoplasty, orcidectomy, penectomy, or feminizing genitoplasty. When the gender reassignment surgery is done on transmen, it is known as masculanizing genitoplasty. For transwomen, other body procedures like breast augmentation and facial feminization cosmetic surgery might be needed. In the case of transmen, mastectomy or removal of breasts, hysterectomy, and salipingo-oophorectormy might be warranted.

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What to Remember before Deciding to Undergo Srs
For females, a series of operations will accompany gender change surgery. It is not a one shot deal in Oklahoma(OK) and may stretch for about a year including the removal of ovaries and uterus thus losing their capacity to bear children. For male sex change candidates will still retain their prostate.

Gender Change Surgery Procedures and Risks in Oklahoma (OK)

For transmen, the surgeon in Oklahoma (OK) - would have to construct a penis and reconstruct the chest by removing the female breasts through mastectomy. Hysterectomy, as well as bilateral salipingo-oophorectormy would also be necessary.

In this sex reassignment surgery or SRS, the usual post-surgery results like infection, allergy from anesthetics, and normal complications associated with any cosmetic surgery are present. However, the risks would be minimal if done by an experienced plastic surgeon.

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