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Spider Vein Treatment Procedure

Those are small, red to purple blood vessels, usually appear on legs and face. They resemble spider web therefore they named spider veins. Usually they don`t pose a medical problem, although they can cause pain and uncomfortable feeling. The problem is usually cosmetic. Women have 4 times greater chance of developing spider vein then men. Other rick factors include: genetics, obesity, hormonal changes, a history of blood clots and constipation. Spider veins resulting from pregnancy usually disappear three month after delivery. Anyhow it is recommended to delay the treatment if you decide to breastfeed.

The best candidates for the procedure can be women from all age groups. Usually the procedure preformed in their 30`s to 60`s. Men also can enjoy this procedure at all ages. If there is an involvement of the deep venous system, you may be recommended to go through additional procedure before this one.

The technique used to treat spider vein called "sclerotherapy" which means to make something harder. A very small needle is used in order to inject a special solution called a sclerosant inside the veins. The solution causes the vein to swell which eventually stops the blood flow inside it. Standard procedure usually lasts from 15-45 minutes. Deeper vein treated first. After cleaning the surface with alcohol the doctor injects the solution. A pressure is applied to the area along with gentle massage to prevent bleeding and to get more effective spreading of the sclerosant. It is possible that some vein need more then one injection to close.

Every procedure has its ricks. This one includes bleeding, blood clots formation, infection, allergic reaction the solution and injury to the skin that may leave a permanent scar. Changes in skin pigmentation can also occur. A new network of "spiders" may appear around the treated area which may need additional treatment.

After the treatment you`ll have to wear tight pressure bandage for 72 hours to prevent bleeding and clotting. The treated area may look reddish and swollen with red dots from the injections. These will disappear after a month. There are no limitations for daily activities, although you`ll be advised to avoid long standing and jogging. You also encouraged walking to prevent blood clots.

After a month or so you can undergo another treatment if this is necessary. It is important to understand that only the visible veins are treated. The treatment doesn`t change your venous network properties, therefore, after a while, new veins may appear.

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Plastic Surgery Spider Vein Treatment Procedure Animation

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North - The North of Italy is the country's most populated and developed portion. Cities like Turin, Milan, Bologna, Verona and Venice share the region's visitors with beautiful landscapes like the Lake Como area, impressive mountains such as the Dolomites and the Italian Alps and first-class ski resorts like Cortina d'Ampezzo and others.

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What to do Before Treatment?
Prior to conducting the procedure in Italy(IT), the patient should consult a professional and analyze whether their situation requires the need for sclerotherapy. Unlike other cosmetic plastic surgeries, playing with your veins is a serious issue and should only be considered if the need arises. It is normal to see your veins on a limited scale.
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Design  Cohort study with 1-year follow-up.

Setting  Dermatology clinic in Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing, China.

Patients  All cases of UE in 655 consecutive patients with eczema patch tested with the European Standard series occurring during a 2-year period.

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Main Outcome Measures  The rate of symptom-free skin for at least 3 months without relapse before evaluation.

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Conclusions  Unclassified eczema is a common type of eczema with a very poor prognosis. This important category of eczema should be recognized and studied further.


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