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Choosing Smart Lipo to Remove Excess Body Fat


Traditionally, liposuction has been conducted by removing the fat from a person’s body by means of a surgical tube. Excess fat was pumped out of the body and the body was reformed into something sleeker. This same concept is now carried out by means of a medical laser and the body procedure is known as smart lipo.

Before the procedure

Smart lipo or laser liposuction is best suited for people who are severely obese and have no other alternative working suitably for them. It works on most people, but if you have some special condition or some particular trait, then it is advisable to inform your doctor about this before the procedure.

The reality

The procedure does not have very high demands. It is pretty quick to perform and is probably one of the easiest forms of plastic surgery. If you just go in for an hour or so to your surgeon, the smart lipo can be completed and the effects are instantaneous and can be seen within a few days of the procedure.

After the procedure

You need to take care of your body and supply it with adequate nutrients by following a healthy diet. In fact, smart lipo is like any other type of skin procedure and has its usual list of side effects. If you want, you could perhaps take some precautionary measures and prepare yourself post surgery by having a dietician advice you on what to eat and how to exercise regularly.


Smart lipo is for people who can afford it. It is expensive, and costs increase with the intensity of the procedure. As with all cosmetic procedures, smart lipo might not always produce the desirable results and perhaps, you might want to try out cheaper alternatives before resorting to this form of cellulite treatment. Also, there are some side effects, which you should discuss with your doctor before making your final decision.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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