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Sex Change Operation in Russia (RU)- General Info

More commonly known as sex-change, sex reassignment (SRS) is a procedure that changes a person’s genital organs from one gender to another.
Gender reassignment is offered to a number of people including newborns with intersex deformities and adult men and women who have a biologically different sex than they are mentally and emotionally. Body procedure from male to female conversions is more common today.

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What to Remember before Deciding to Undergo Sex Change Operation
For females, a series of operations will accompany gender change surgery. It is not a one shot deal in Russia(RU) and may stretch for about a year including the removal of ovaries and uterus thus losing their capacity to bear children. For male sex change candidates will still retain their prostate.

Sex Change Operation in Russia (RU) - Male to Female Procedure

Plastic surgery for male to female SRS involves the removal of the penis and the reshaping of the remaining genital tissue to appear more female thereby constructing a vagina. An incision is made into the scrotum, the flap of skin is pulled back and the testis is removed. The skin is stripped from the penis but is left attached and the urethra is cut. The excess skin is used to create the labia and the vagina. This body procedure is called a vaginoplasty. After the surgery, the patient would need to take in female hormones (estrogen) to further reshape the body’s contour. This hormone will also stimulate the growth of breasts.

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Sex Change Operation in Russia (RU) - Female to Male Procedure

Though more uncommon, there are still several women who opt for female to male gender reassignment. This body procedure has achieved lesser success due to the difficulty of creating a functional penis from the original tissue in the clitoris. Preliminary surgery to remove the female organs will be needed and the next series of procedures will be done a year after. Aside from the genital organs, the breasts will also need to be altered in order to get a male appearance.

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Sex Change Operation - After the Procedure

Persons who have undergone male to female SRS will still retain a prostate while those who had female to male body procedure will need to undergo hysterectomy to remove the uterus and oophorectomy to remove the ovaries. Patients who have undergone male to female conversions will also need to take male hormone to stimulate male features to develop. Females who have undergone all these sex reassignment procedures will no longer be able to bear children.

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