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Scalp Lift - What Is It?

Scalp lifts are radical procedures of scalp reduction methods, resulting in fewer operations. Some plastic surgeons believe that a single scalp lift could be as effective as 3-4 scalp reduction plastic procedures. In a typical scalp lift face procedure, a patch of bald scalp is removed from the back and the top of the head. Subsequently, the surrounding area of the hair-bearing skin is stretched for closing the opening. The surgeon should perform extensive loosening or undermining of the skin on both sides of the head and the back of the neck so that the hair-bearing skin could be moved up without any difficulty.

Scalp Lift - How Is It Done?

Scalp lift cosmetic change procedures could be done under local anesthetic. This unique plastic procedure could be completed in a single day. However, the blood vessels in the scalp might be re-routed away from the selected site several days ahead by the surgeon. As such, this face procedure is a highly delicate and risky plastic surgery. The surgeon should be a skilled and experienced person to perform a successful scalp lift. If done properly, this would provide the best hair replacement, compared to all other procedures like scalp reduction, scalp expansion, and scalp extension.

Scalp Lift - After the Surgery:

In patients whose donor scalp hair was depleted, surgeons had transplanted the chest hair to the scalp. The surgeons removed donor hair harvest from the sternal area of the patient. The surgeons divided the tissue into single and double haired micrografts. These micrografts were subsequently transplanted to the bald scalp area. The donor site healed without any complications. This is an effective alternate in scalp lift procedure, when the donor scalp hair is depleted. Scalp flaps procedures and scalp lift plastic surgery brings in a new look to the person and the self-confidence increases. The patient faces the society with a higher self-esteem.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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