Revision Rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty is normally a secondary cosmetic procedure to correct any unsatisfactory results that had occurred due to the initial rhinoplasty. This nose surgery could be a simple one or a complicated nasal reconstruction. Over slope in nasal profile, nasal hump, twisted nose, pinched deformity in the nose, overturned nose, asymmetric nostrils, unnatural look in nasal tip, onset of breathing difficulty, etc. could require revision rhinoplasty. The surgeon doing the revision rhinoplasty should evaluate the problem comprehensively and plan the nose job by utilizing the advancements in digital imaging technology

Initial Analysis for Revision Rhinoplasty

The surgeon should assess the nasal bones in the upper area of the nose, the cartilaginous network in the middle section of the nose, the tip of the nose, the nostrils, allergy indications, etc. The surgeon should determine whether the nose is straight or twisted, whether the nasal tip is asymmetric or bulbous, whether the nose is of excess width or narrow. The surgeon should study the skin of the nasal area to decide whether it is thick, medium, or thin. The surgeon should further study the nose for the length and the slope. The surgeon should also study all the old medical and surgical records of the patient to understand the procedure of the previous surgery and its results. After deciding about the revision rhinoplasty, the surgeon should discuss with the patient in full detail, explaining the plastic surgery and its various steps, including the precautions in the post-operative recovery period.

Complications in Revision Rhinoplasty

Majority of the complications that arise in this delicate face procedure are generally of a minor nature and could be easily corrected. Surgery could never be an exact science and results could never be guaranteed. A cosmetic procedure could go wrong at any step despite great care and skill of the surgeon. However, both the patient and the surgeon should be open to recognize the complications and take immediate remedial measures in an honest manner.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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