Reduction Mammaplasty

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Reduction Mammaplasty – The right solution for large breasts

Reduction mammaplasty is a breast procedure that most people who are large breasted are seeking in the modern era. This type of plastic surgery involves breast reduction in order to increase the visual appeal of a person. What is noteworthy is the fact that this type of plastic surgery, unlike other breast procedures, is not just limited to women but also men.

Why do people opt for reduction mammaplasty?

There are a number of reasons why people opt for this procedure. Though having fuller breasts are considered visually appealing, women with very large breasts can also experience many health concerns due to the excess weight that they body needs to support. The person can also experience various other problems like skin irritation and in severe cases, back and neck problems too. A man or a woman with big breasts tend to feel very self conscious and hence are low on self esteem. Having a reduction mammaplasty done can bolster their confidence levels and improve their social interactions.

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Who is the right candidate?

People who have large breasts that prevent them from leading a normal life in society and who cannot indulge in various activities due to the size of their breast are the right candidates for reduction mammaplasty. The right candidate should have sufficient knowledge of this procedure and should understand what in involved in this procedure. They should have realistic expectations from this procedure and should be emotionally prepared. Women who are breast feeding should not contemplate this type of plastic surgery.

What are the risks involved?

Reduction mammaplasty is one of the most challenging breast procedures. It is best to get it done in the hands of a reputed surgeon who has had a successful record. Complication due to anesthesia, swelling, bleeding and pain can occur post surgery during the healing process. At times certain people also experience soreness around the nipples. However, the positive news is that all these problems can be overcome and made minimal by adhering to the doctor’s advice.

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