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Red Lipstick: Is it right for me?

Every girl longs to have that classic and perfect red lipstick. We see all the Hollywood starlets wearing it on TV, in ads, billboards, yet we find it incredible hard to find it for ourselves. Every time we think we have finally got it right, we go home and try it on only to discover it makes us look like a clown.

Getting the right color

Finding the right color of red lipstick can be incredible hard. So, why is this? Well it is because what looks great on one girl won’t look great on another, to put it simply. We all have different skin tones, different hair color, different lip shapes, and different eye colors. The red lipstick we see on the starlets is not all the same shade. It may look to be but that’s just because of what it looks like when applied to that girl.

Paler Tones

If you are pale, you will need to find a darker red, but not so dark that it is purple, just dark enough that when you wear it, you won’t look like Ronald McDonald. No one wants that look.

Dark tones

If you are tanner or of a darker complexion, you will want to aim for lighter colors so that they will appear redder on you and won’t look purple. It may take you several tries to find the perfect red shade for your skin. It can be very frustrating, but fear not ladies, that perfect shade is out there waiting for you.

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Sweden Regions

Sweden is traditionally divided into 25 provinces that roughly match the 21 administrative l?n (counties). These provinces are grouped into three major regions of ancient origin:

Norrland is the sparsely populated, northern part of the country (about two-thirds ot the total area), with nine provinces. Lots of wilderness, with forests, lakes, big rivers, enormous marshes and high mountains along the border to Norway. Great for hiking. Largest cities are Sundsvall, Ume? and Lule?.
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