Pressed Powder

Pressed powder: For a perfect finish

Why talk about it?

Certain things are so basic in our makeup kit that you may wonder why we even talk about it? These are what we have been using since many years and we know perfectly well what they are used for, so why do we even try to know more about it? The answer is simple. When we use just a product or two, the questions are few, but when we use items like pressed powder in combination with other items in our makeup kit, we may not be sure when exactly we need to apply it.

Smooth, not shiny

Pressed powder is used after the usual application of foundation and concealer. A lot of us suffer with problems of oily skin. The shining, oily nose could have been a subject of embarrassment many a times, but this need not be the case if you use the pressed powder in the right manner. Pressed powders are meant to be applied on such oily spots and it also gives a very even looking appearance to the skin. All the efforts we make to conceal our blemishes will seem least visible and our look will be close to natural with use of pressed powder.

When in doubt, play it safe.

Like always, you will be subject to confusion when you want to buy a pressed powder since they are available in many shades. Ideally you will have to select one that will suit your skin tone, but deciding on this may not be easy after all. In such a case, one can safely opt for the translucent pressed powder which will almost always suit every skin tone.

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