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Powder puff: There is no second to it

The little wonder

Whenever we talk of something useful, we more or less picture it as something really big. But there are some small wonders that have no substitute. They are so important and indispensable that we can never do without them. One such very useful item is the powder puff without which makeup seems impossible.

Take care

We tend to keep the powder puff handy especially because no matter how well we deck up, it will be only a matter of hours after which we will need to do a touch up. And the minute you mention about touch up you cannot miss out on the powder and hence the powder puff too! Though the powder puff when used gently on your face can make you look beautiful, great care has to be takes since they could also mar the beauty of your face. The reason for this is that most of us tend to let the powder puff go unnoticed until the next time we need to use them. We do not take any trouble to clean the powder puff on a regular basis.

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Here is some General Information about Kansas:

Kansas Regions

There is no clear division between Eastern and Western Kansas, but there are clear regional distinctions.

Eastern Kansas -- Most of the larger cities are in Eastern Kansas, which tends to be more hilly and have more trees and water.
Western Kansas -- Generally, Western Kansas is more rural, with very low population density and a lot of open land. With notable exceptions, it is drier and flatter.
Central Kansas -- A mixture of farmland, rolling hills, and man-made lakes, central Kansas is a transition zone between the hilly east and the arid west.
Flint Hills -- Down the center of Eastern Kansas run the Flint Hills, an area of great geological interest, with some of the last living grasslands of the true Great Plains.
Southeastern Kansas -- Far southeastern Kansas is part of the Ozarks region, with beautiful hills, coal mining, and endemic rural poverty. Ozark influence wanes the further you get from the southeast corner of the state.

Powder Puff in Kansas (KS) - Mind the fact

The fact is that every time we use the powder puff, the oils from our face are getting transferred on to the powder puff. We very carelessly leave it lying around and hence it has a tendency to accumulate dust after which it may cause harm when used on the skin. Without realizing such simple facts we may end up blaming the cosmetics for the damage caused to our skin. Just being a little cautious can go a long way in helping us maintain the healthy skin.

Kansas powder puff - News update:
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