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Plastic Surgeon Procedure

No matter what type of plastic surgery you are considering, the most important factor in its success is the plastic surgeon you choose. The combination of training and judgment that he brings to your case, strongly affects its results. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is not an easy matter and should not be based solely on pricing or for emotional reasons.
Today, many doctors claim to practice plastic surgery, but not all have the same degree of plastic surgery training. Plastic surgery should not be defined by parts of the body. Rather, it involves a thorough knowledge of the whole body, skin and underlying tissues along with their separate and/or combined healing processes. Plastic surgeons perform cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of facial, breast and body features. They perform reconstructive surgery to restore the form and function that has been lost through disease, accident or birth defect.

Cosmetic surgery is elective; therefore, you have time to carefully choose your plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is a multi-faceted specialty involving not only cosmetic surgery specialists, but also other specialists who bring their talents and training to the field of cosmetic surgery. This multitude of experience and training offers the highest quality of patient care for the specific procedure in which you are interested -- as no one primary medical background exclusively offers the best training for every cosmetic surgery procedure.

The first step is to locate and arrange a series of consultations with prospective plastic surgeons. Following this, after appropriate evaluation, you choose your plastic surgeon. During your consultation the plastic surgeon should patiently answer all your questions
and give you advice on what procedure they recommend for you. They should not
pressure you into a decision and most plastic surgeons prefer you to leave and think
about everything you have discussed. Some plastic surgeons will show you before and
after photos of their work, but some do not feel it is necessary, as every body is
individual and would not get the same results. Do not make your decision on
whether a plastic surgeon has impressive before and after photos as they are only
going to show their best results!

Some good questions to consider asking the plastic surgeon:

How long is the estimated operating time?
What is the expected recovery time?
Where will the surgery be performed- in a surgical center or hospital?
What kind of anesthesia will be used?
Will postoperative medication be necessary?
Will there be any noticeable scarring?
What realistic results can I expect?
Will the doctor be performing the procedure from first cut to last stitch?
What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Depending on what feature you are hoping to change, the plastic surgeon may suggest that an additional procedure be performed in conjunction with the original procedure to achieve the true desired look. These suggestions should not, however, be pressuring comments. If the doctor is pushing you in a direction that is uncomfortable to you, look for someone else. Make sure the plastic surgeon you select is specifically trained and experienced in the procedure you are considering.  A great facial surgeon may not be as skilled in body shaping procedures and vice versa.  Some plastic surgeons are even more specialized. Plastic surgeons are actually human (humor intended)—Most have procedures which they prefer to do and others that they really do not like as much.

When choosing a plastic surgeon most people go with their instinct and choose the one
they feel most comfortable with and who has similar ideas about the procedure.
You will have a relationship with your plastic surgeon for many years to come, so it is
very important that you feel comfortable with them, agree on which method of
surgery is best for you and trust their expert opinion.

As mentioned, qualified plastic surgeons will welcome your questions about their background. It is important to ask your doctor about his or her credentials and study them carefully. Membership in professional organizations is one of the many ways in determining a plastic surgeon’s qualifications. Of the professional societies, some are more specialized than others and have more stringent requirements than others. Check your doctor`s professional society affiliation and call the society to find out what the requirements are for membership.

Price should not be a deciding factor in which plastic surgeon you choose. Costs vary considerably from surgeon to surgeon, as there is no set schedule of fees. It is recommended that you inquire regarding costs during your consultation. Remember to choose a plastic surgeon within your own budget.

Prices can vary between plastic surgeons depending on location, experience, where the surgery is performed (hospital vs private clinic) and implant chosen. If you decide to go to an unqualified plastic surgeon because of the price you could end up spending more money later on revision surgery.

Do not compromise on surgical quality because you find someone who charges less.
 Discounts on fees may come with discounted results.  

Realize that there are two sets of issues to look at, one objective, and the other subjective. Objectively, you must determine that the plastic surgeon is safe and well-trained. Only after that you can look at the subjective criteria, namely whether the  plastic surgeon`s ability, aesthetic, style, and approach is a good match for you.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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