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Following comments from a reader that the advice in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin article (Self-monitoring of blood glucose in diabetes, DTB 2007; 45: 65–9) on patients with IDDM who drive should be more in line with that of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the DTB features an update on this topic. The authors note that the DVLA recommendations seem sensible, although they are stricter than those found while researching their article and the recommendations were unavailable on the DVLA’s website at the time of writing. They were however, in ‘A guide to insulin treated diabetes and driving.’ an information leaflet sent out to drivers once their new diagnosis of insulin-treated diabetes had been reported to the DVLA. An updated version of the leaflet is now available on the DVLA website at the above link, which makes it very clear that all drivers with insulin-treated diabetes are required to notify the DVLA, and that a copy of the leaflet would also be sent to the patient’s clinician. More...

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Detroit Get around

Detroit suburbs spread over a large area, and getting around may prove to be difficult without a car. Nonetheless, an extensive highway system and ample parking make the region one of the most auto-friendly in North America.

Driving in Detroit can be confusing, especially downtown. The street plan of downtown Detroit, designed by Judge Augustus Woodward in the early 1800's, is patterned after Washington, D.C. and abandons the traditional grid design that dominates most American cities. Detroit has one of America's most modern freeway systems. See the Michigan Department of Transportation website for a current listing of downtown road closures and construction projects. The Detroit Department of Transportation also has a website.

Detroit has an abundance of taxi, limo, and shuttle services. Car rental prices are reasonable. Ask your auto insurance agent for a complementary Canadian insurance ID card, if you plan to drive to Windsor. When buying extra rental car insurance, you can ask for coverage to drive in Windsor.

SMART bus (Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation) [6] provides a large number of transportation options.

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How is Width Adjustment Done?
Like butt augmentation, fat grafting is made by taking excess fats from different parts of the body. It is then processed in a centrifuge making a special solution. This solution is later injected into the penis. Phalloplasty is done in Detroit,Michigan (MI) while the patient is intravenously sedated.

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