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Procedure and Data on Penis Surgery

Penis surgery is a plastic surgery procedure to achieve penile reconstruction or penile augmentation. It is medically known as Phalloplasty. According to the Belgrade University School of Medicine, which published a detailed report on penis surgery in the British Journal of Urology, the Phalloplasty should be done in four stages over an extended period of nine to eighteen months. The plastic surgery body procedures for doing this would be highly demanding both on the plastic surgeon and on the patient. However, the University School had pointed out that the functional goals and aesthetic goals achieved through Phalloplasty would be about twelve in number.

Benefits of Penis Surgery

  • The penis would be larger and with more volume
  • The insertion of the prosthesis would be quite safe
  • The penis would be hairless
  • The aesthetic appearance of the phallus would be quite satisfactory
  • The penis would have skin with normal color
  • The erogenous and tactile sensation of the penis would be adequate
  • The penis would have a neo-urethra and the meatus at the top portion of the penis glans would be competent
  • The person would be able to have normal sexual intercourse after the Phalloplasty cosmetic surgery had been completed
  • There would be no disfiguring or conspicuous scars at the donor site
  • The complications, side effects, or occurrence of diseases are very low
  • The patient achieves complete satisfaction
  • The quality of the life of the patient improves physically and psychologically

    Candidates for Penis Surgery

    Penis surgery is ideal for persons with certain congenital anomalies like epispadias, micropenis, and hypospadias. Transsexual patients who wish to change from females to males could also undergo Phalloplasty. Persons who had lost their penises due to accidents or other traumatic incidents would also benefit from this cosmetic surgery of penis augmentation.

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    Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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