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Basics of Penis Enlargement

Penis exercise is normally done for penis enlargement. However, many exercises that are recommended in various websites would only take your hard-earned money away but fail to produce any significant results. Plastic surgery body procedures for penile augmentation could include cosmetic surgery like Phalloplasty. Phalloplasty is either totally new construction of the penis or simple reconstruction. If somebody had lost the penis due to illness or in an accident, he is known as cisgendered man. Sometimes, females who wish to get transgendered as males, who are termed transmen and transsexual persons also undergo this plastic surgery to get a new penis.

Penile Augmentation Procedure

The body procedures of penile augmentation on cisgendered males would be much simpler, since their urethra would still be in the front portion of the genital area. On the other hand, the plastic surgery for transmen would be more complicated since their urethras would be near the vaginal opening. Hence, considerable extension would be required and complications could occur.

Various Methods of Penis Exercise

Phallus exercises or penis exercises properly recommended by doctors could indeed result in increase of the length and girth of penis. If done properly, penis exercises could also provide additional benefits of longer and harder member erections. The amount of semen ejaculation would also be augmented. An ancient penile augmentation technique followed by nomadic tribes of Arabia is known as jelqing, which is somewhat similar to a regular milking action that results in significant increase in the amount of blood in the Corpora Covernosa area of the penis. Several other penis stretching exercises are also available. Their main aim is to stretch the tissues in the phallus. If done regularly and in proper fashion, the penis would increase in length and girth due to the higher level of stretching of the cells. Penis exercises could help you satisfy your partner much more in bed. It is believed that circumcision also assists in enhanced sexual performance.

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Burns. 2008 Mar 28;

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Tissue expanders have become useful adjuvants in reconstruction after burn. This study reviews experience with of tissue expanders in the treatment of head and neck burns, from April 2002 to February 2007; 82 expanders were used for 72 patients, all of whom underwent reconstruction at least 6 months after complete healing. The only major difference in this study from other techniques was the preoperative approach for selecting flaps and implants. The use is described of tissue expanders to enhance the area and provide suitable tissue for large expanded flaps for reconstruction of the face and neck. This was based on previous laboratory studies demonstrating that large flaps with very narrow pedicles remain well vascularised and can be transposed to cover very large defects. Satisfactory results were achieved after reconstruction in all cases. Tissue expansion, if carefully planned and conducted, is part of the treatment of choice for post-burn reconstruction of the head and neck, allowing an expanded flap suitable for versatile coverage.

PMID: 18375071 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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