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What Is Panniculectomy?

A panniculectomy is a body contouring plastic surgery procedure used for surgically removing the pannus or the extra fat and skin that hangs over the thighs and the pelvic area.

Who Should Opt For A Panniculectomy?

A panniculectomy is often advised for those who suddenly lose a lot of fat due to bariatric surgery or some other reason, since these are the candidates most likely to develop a pannus. Not only does this hanging flesh make you look bad even after weight loss surgery, but it often causes rashes and abscesses due to chafing. A panniculectomy is often performed along with a tummy tuck in order to let patients achieve the body shape and size they want after surgery. In other cases, it is generally performed on healthy individuals only an year after bariatric surgery.

The Panniculectomy Procedure

A panniculectomy procedure differs from other fat removal plastic surgery procedures like tummy tucks and body lifts since it deals only with excess skin and fat removal, but unlike the aforementioned surgeries, does not deal with the removal of extra flesh or muscle. Excess skin and fat is removed surgically during a panniculectomy under general anesthesia using regular surgical procedures, and a hospital stay of two to seven days is required after the procedure, which often takes several hours. Complete healing will also take a number of weeks.


Excess fat and skin that cannot be removed through any other procedure but plastic surgery can be instantly removed with a panniculectomy. Apart from looking good, patients can rid themselves of a number of pannus related issues like skin rashes, ulcers, back problems and trouble in performing simple physical movements.

Risks and Side Effects

Bruising, swelling and pain are common temporary side effects of panniculectomy. Infection, scarring and bleeding are other risks associated with the procedure.


Depending upon your location, clinic and plastic surgeon, a panniculectomy can cost you anything between $8000 and $12000.

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