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Offshore Medical Tourism – The Trend that is changing the World

Medical Tourism is a phrase used to indicate the new practice of travelling to different countries across the world to obtain medical care. It was a term first used by travel agents and the mass media. Many other terms are used to describe this practice including healing tourism and surgery vacation.

Common Overseas Surgeries

The most common procedures include cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery and dental surgery. Orthopaedic procedures such as joint replacement are common too. People however, have been known to fly out for almost every medical procedure to countries with cheaper medical care.

History of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is not a new concept. Ages ago, Greeks travelled to the Saronic Gulf in search of a city called Epidauria. In eighteenth century, the English would travel to spas and sanatoriums to be treated for diseases like gout and liver disorders. These places were supposed to have health giving mineral waters.

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Why Offshore Medical?

Some of the main causes for this migration of people to foreign lands are the high cost of health care in their countries. Health care costs are going higher everyday and not everyone can afford it. Along with this, certain procedures have very long wait period and critical patients can hardly wait for that long. Insurance can be the culprit many times. It may not cover a few orthopaedic procedures; procedures such as hip or knee replacements. Sometimes there might be restrictions like not being able to find the right plastic surgeons in your country. Patients also have a problem with availability of prosthetics and their quality. They might not be able to get into a good enough facility.

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Advantages of Offshore Medical

Travel, on the other hand, is progressing by leaps and bounds and travelling to any country in today’s world is a piece of cake. The most important factor is the standard of medicine in the concerned countries. Medicine has improved beyond imagination in many countries and is cheaper, better and faster in certain places. Offshore Medical help is only an arm’s distance away and very easy to access.

Offshore Medical - Future Trends

Predictions show that this practice is here to stay and can only grow in popularity and become even more convenient. A very large number of people from the developed countries now seek medical help abroad. Countries with public health systems are usually over taxed and non-emergency procedures take a long time.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the main reasons go seeking offshore medical help. Some of the main destinations for plastic surgeries are Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, India, Costa Rica and Brazil. In these countries, one can find excellent plastic surgeons at affordable rates.

Offshore medical tourism is a trend which will be continuing for many years to come. With passage of time seeking medical help abroad will only get better and easier.

Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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