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Nipple augmentation is one of the commonly sought after breast procedures today in HK (Hong Kong). In simple terms, this is also known as nipple enlargement. This type of surgery is done to enlarge a small areola. This can be done in HK (Hong Kong) as an independent procedure or in combination with breast augmentation or during inverted nipple repair. This type of plastic surgery is rampant today, thanks to the ever increasing glamour quotient in people.

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Nipple Augmentation in HK (Hong Kong) - Why is this cosmetic procedure necessary?

There could be a myriad of reasons for people to opt for this procedure. Sometimes after the breast augmentation procedure, people may realize that the size of their nipple is not proportionate to the size of the breast. Having a very small nipple on a large breast is not a great sight. Hence, many women opt for this procedure in HK (Hong Kong) to establish the right proportion. There are times when people opt for this procedure as a form of inverted nipple repair in order to overcome their nipple deformities.

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Nipple Augmentation in HK (Hong Kong) - How long does this breast procedure take?

If nipple augmentation is done in conjunction with breast augmentation or any other breast procedures, then, the person will need to get admitted in the hospital and it could take anywhere between 2-4 hours for the entire procedure. However, if this is done as a standalone procedure, then, doctors prefer doing it strictly on an outpatient basis since it does not require a lot of time and is not a complex procedure.

HK nipple augmentation - Tip of the day:
Nipple Augmentation - Recovery Period
Recovery is very rapid with a return to work and most activities within hours according to your surgeon orders in HK(Hong Kong). Showers are permitted the next day. The sutures will be removed in 4 to 7 days.  There is minimal pain or swelling. Sensation is normal immediately or returns fully within several days. Skin will also return to normal a week or two after the procedure.

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Nipple Augmentation in HK (Hong Kong) - The procedure in detail

The nipple augmentation procedure is a minimally invasive procedure and does not require a long recovery time. Due to the simplicity of this procedure, it is often done under local anesthesia and the person can return home immediately after the procedure. Thanks to the advancement of technology in modern times, there are many non surgical ways for this particular cosmetic procedure.
Though the entire procedure may look very trivial, it has a profound impact on the mind and emotions of a person. This is boon to people with small or inverted nipples because nipple augmentation helps them overcome their weakness and boosts their self confidence.

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