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Neck Muscle Repair - What Is It?

Neck muscle repair could be achieved through three plastic surgery methods. They are cervicoplasty or neck lift, platysmaplasty or superficial neck muscle repair, and neck liposuction. The sagging of the neck muscle and skin occurs due to aging or heredity characteristics. In a few persons, the neck might appear full or the neckline might have a poor definition because of a receding or small chin, abnormal jaw position, or deformity in hyoid bone. In such cases, neck muscle repair would be combined with other plastic surgery methods like chin implant, jaw realignment, etc.

Neck Muscle Repair - How Is It Done?

Cervicoplasty is suitable for persons with very poor elasticity in the skin of the neck. Patients with excess skin in the neck would find relief through cervicoplasty by the removal of the excess skin. Platysmaplasty is true neck muscle repair for correction necklines with poor definition. For people with full neck, neck liposuction is the best option for the removal of excess fatty deposits in the neck. Neck liposuction could be done under the chin or on the whole neck, depending on the severity of the fullness. In certain cases, the surgeon might advocate Botox for relaxing the platysma segments and improving the neckline. All these procedures could be combined to provide a total solution to the patient for the restoration of youthful look.

Neck Muscle Repair - After the Surgery:

Neck muscle repair is an uncomplicated plastic surgery and the risks as well as post-operative discomforts are minimal if done by an expert surgeon. The patient could return to work within 2 weeks at the maximum. For persons in the 20s, neck liposuction is the best method. Botox treatments are done in patients in the 30s and 40s. Cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty are generally reserved for persons over 40. Still, the surgeon is the right person to decide which neck procedure is suitable for a particular patient. Neck muscle repair could be combined with a face procedure or with several facial plastic surgery techniques for overall improvement of the appearance.

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