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What is Neck Liposuction?

For many persons, the normal plastic surgery cosmetic procedure of facelift might provide a leaner look with a stretched skin. Further, cutting of important nerves is a major risk in facelift and other face procedure operations. Since majority of the persons who wish to acquire a better appearance are middle-aged people, neck liposuction would be a better option for them. However, it is important to remember that this neck procedure would not suit everyone. Persons with diabetes or blood vessel diseases and smokers should not undergo neck liposuction.

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neck liposuction in Czech Republic (CZ) - Who Should Go For It?

The laryngeal cartilage, the tongue muscle, the hyoid bone, the platysma muscle, and the fat lying between the surface dermis and the platysma decide the shape and size of our necks. The excess fat accumulated in the neck area is removed by neck liposuction and the platysma muscle contracts after this unique neck procedure. This plastic surgery should be done by a skilled surgeon who would be able to assess exactly which structures in the neck are more prominent and which are less prominent. The patient would recover fully in 3-4 weeks, with the swelling subsiding in about 10 days for normal, healthy persons.

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Czech Republic neck liposuction - Tip of the day:
What type of anesthesia is used during neck liposuction?
There are two types of anesthesia that might be used for any face procedure. One is the general anesthesia and the other is local anesthesia. Usually, The cosmetic surgeons at Czech Republic(CZ) recommend the use of local anesthesia during the entire procedure because the recovery time post the surgery is minimal. The patient will also probably not suffer any side effects due to the use of this type of anesthesia.

neck liposuction in Czech Republic (CZ) - Risks and Side Effects

Neck liposuction is achieved by making tiny incisions and introducing a small cannula. The cannula pumps out the fat to the desired level. The entire operation is done under a local anesthetic or mild sedation. It would take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete this neck procedure. Since fat removal in liposuction could be exactly controlled, this is a safe and effective plastic surgery for achieving desired shape of the neck. However, aggressive liposuction could cut or damage the nerves or achieve irregular contours. Neck procedure could be combined with face procedure for best results. Even laser resurfacing could be added where warranted for providing a total plastic surgery solution to the patient.

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