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Neck Lift Procedure

As we age our skin become more loose and fallen, making us look older, this phenomenon happens also to out neck skin. Gravity, sun exposure and age make our neck look sagging, sometimes patients describe it as turtle neck due to two long "bands" appearing on the neck. Sometimes it is simply a matter of genetics and sometimes it happens following excessive weight reduction. This procedure is targeted to reverse the above processes and give you a younger appearance. To undergo neck lift you must be in a good mental and physical condition.

This procedure consists of several techniques. A procedure targeted to remove or reshape extra neck muscle, called platysmaplasty. It can be done by making small incisions either under the chin or behind the ears, this allows to access the muscles and shorten then by a technique called `plication". Sometimes extra muscle is simply removed or anchored with permanent sutures. This can also be done using less invasive laparoscopic technique.

If extra skin is present the surgeon will perform a procedure called cervicoplasty. The incisions are made in the same areas as the previous one. The skin is lift and organized in a desired position, then it is secured in place by biological glue or non-absorbable stitches. If an extra fat is present a liposuction is also performed. A small cut is made below the chin through which a special cannula is inserted. Through the cannula the extra fat is removed.

Neck lift usually takes 2-3 hours depending on the extend of the operation and the additional procedures performed (such as facelift or brow lift). It can be done using general or local anesthesia, depending on your preference.

Every procedure has its ricks. The most common complication is bleeding and hematoma formation, therefore before the operation you should stop taking any anti coagulation medications for at least two weeks. Hematomas can lead to blood clots formation and consequently skin necrosis. Aggressive liposuction may lead to scaring and adhesions of the muscles, giving your neck "cobra like" appearance. Infection and allergic reaction to anesthesia are also possible.

For the first days following surgery your neck will look swollen with bruises you may feel different sensations of burning, tingling and numbness. Those will resolve in a couple of weeks. Most people can return to work after 10-14 days. You`ll have to avoid sports activities for at least 3 weeks

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Plastic Surgery Neck Lift Procedure Animation

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What are the Problems Addressed by Neck Lift?
Due to stress, exposures to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, aging and natural loss of skin moisture cause the face to sag. Wrinkles appear and the skin drops loose below the jaw line along with excess fat usually accumulating in the neck. By doing an Neck Lift in Hong Kong(HK), that is what your doctor will try to address.

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