Nasal Tip Augmentation

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Nasal tip augmentation is normally achieved by closed rhinoplasty performed by a skilled surgeon. Since the nose is the central feature of the face, in majority of the cases, the shape of the nose would be the crucial factor in aesthetic facial balance. Hence, the nasal tip projection should be carefully assessed in relation to the overall facial proportions along with its relation to the dorsum. The surgeon should carefully evaluate the present state of the naval tip projection and decide the amount of naval tip augmentation required to bring exact balance to the face.

Underprojection of Nasal Tip

The nasal tip projection could be measured by several methods. Typically, if a line is drawn to the nasal tip from the alar-facial groove, the distance between the nasion and the nasal tip should be around 0.55 to 0.60. If this distance is less than 0.55, the tip would be deemed as underprojected and nasal tip augmentation would be needed. If the distance is more than 0.60, the tip would be overprojected and nasal tip reduction would be performed. The measurement of nasal tip projection could be done by the methods advocated by Goode, Simons, Crumley, Baum, and Byrd.

Nasal Tip Augmentation Procedure

The surgeon doing the nose surgery would consider the overlying soft tissue and skin envelop to find out the dynamics of the nasal tip. Based on the assessment, the surgeon would decide on the method to achieve appropriate augmentation of the nasal tip. Some of the methods include tip grafting, lateral crural steal, plumping grafts, transdomal sutures, septocolumellar sutures, caudal extension grafting, columellar strut, enhancing supratip break, dynamic adjustable rotational tip tensioning or DARTT, and premaxillary grafting. The surgeon would follow an open approach or a delivery approach to increase the nasal tip projection in this cosmetic procedure of plastic surgery.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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