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Currently medical value tourists or medical value travelers from developed industrialized countries are traveling in large numbers abroad where the quality of healthcare is equal to or even better than the standards in their own country and yet the cost is significantly lower.  Another factor behind Medical Value Travel is the promptness of treatment.  These healthcare destination countries also offer numerous options for escapes to vacation touring trips, sight-seeing, shopping, exploring journeys and lounging on sun drenched exotic beaches for Medical Value Travelers.

A number of reasons have lead to the recent increase in the popularity of Medical Tourism or Medical Value Travel. Some of the reasons include overly exorbitant costs of basic health care and medical insurance cover, high cost of modern medical facilities in advanced countries, ease and affordability of international travel, favorable currency exchange rates in the global economy, rapidly improving technology and high standards of medical care in the developing countries, best medical health care education at the medical schools, proven safety of healthcare in select foreign nations, international accreditation of foreign hospitals and access to U.S., U.K. and Australian board certified surgeons operating in select foreign countries.  All of the former contributed their share to this rapid development of Medical Tourism or Medical Value Travel.

In general, most Medical Value Tourists are either uninsured, underinsured or those seeking elective surgeries. Others resort to Medical Value Travel due to the long wait-lists or unavailability of certain procedures in their country.

 Cosmetic Surgery procedures which are also known as `elective` surgical procedures, whether carried out at home or abroad, raise concerns and anxieties for the patient. It is normal to have some doubts about the surgeon or the clinic where the procedure is going to be carried out. Legitimate concerns can also include safety, the qualifications of the surgeon performing the procedure, the after-care service given, the standard of the hospital being chosen, the duration of the flight time in consideration to the procedure being carried out and also the country where you are traveling to - in terms of whether it is somewhere where you will feel comfortable. The language barrier can also be a concern. These are all legitimate concerns which, bring up questions needing to be answered. The more information you can get in advance, the more confident you will be when you travel for surgery.

With an ever increasing demand for these types of procedures, these days a patient can look towards specific companies, which deal solely in putting together packages specifically aimed for cosmetic surgery abroad. These packages not only involve the application of plastic surgery procedures, or patients traveling from their home country to receive the work done, but can also include flights and after surgery accommodation.

For many  Medical Value Travel procedures, you begin with convenient initial consultations online from your home. Arriving abroad at the treatment location, you receive private hospital support with nurses visiting your hotel room, then luxury spa treatments to soothe the nerves and comforting recovery kits to ease the pain.

Many consumers locate Medical Value Travel vacation destinations through the Internet. The websites of these destinations have contact forms so that the patient can communicate with the practice by email. Patients often scan a photo of the area that they are interested in improving and send it to the doctor for a recommendation.

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The Netherlands has many cities and towns of interest to travelers. Below is a list of the most notable.

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Why is medical value travel becoming so popular in Netherlands(NL) ?
There are many reasons why medical value travel is becoming so popular in Netherlands(NL). The cheap cost and high quality of treatment in Netherlands(NL) is drawing patients. Many tourists also visit Netherlands(NL) because of other alternative medical therapies such as Ayurveda and homeopathy. 
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