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Breasts in males are called genycomastia, a Greek word meaning "breasts looking similar to women's". 40-60% of men have breasts; many conditions can cause this phenomenon like medication and medical problems (alcohol use, marihuana and steroids), but in most of the cases the reason is not known. It can damage self-confidence and self esteem, therefore breast reduction can help.

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The ideal candidates for the operation are men with genicomastia for at least a year long who have developed chest muscles and elastic skin. The surgery is not recommended for overweight men who can't loose weight using diet and exercise.

In case of extra breast tissue the surgeon will remove it through an invisible cut around the nipple or below the breast fold. Sometimes extra fat also removed using this method; the canula used for suction of the fat is inserted through the cut already made. When there is extra skin needs to be removed, the procedure may leave bigger scars.

If the extra tissue is fat, liposuction is performed. The cuts, 5-7 millimeters long, are made at the margins of the breast, from below and from the side. Sometimes small cut is made around the nipple. You may feel a vibration sensation, but no pain, if the procedure is done using local anesthetics. In extreme cases when there is large amounts of fat and tissue extracted, the extra skin needs to be removed, then a drainage tube usually left to prevent fluid collection.

Finally, incisions are closed and pressure bandages are placed.

Every operation has its risks. The risks include infection, bleeding, fluid collection, breast asymmetry (that needs to be corrected in additional surgery), scars, nipple distortion and permanent color changes of the skin.

After the surgery you may feel uncomfortable, regardless of the technique used. It can be treated with painkillers. Swelling and hemorrhage may appear in the area, to reduce the swelling you'll be instructed to wear a tight bandage around the chest for several weeks day and night. The breast will reach their final size in 3 month or so. You'll be able to go back to work after a week or two. It is advised to restrain from sexual activity or physical efforts for at least 2 weeks, and any activity that may harm the chest for a month. It's important to avoid sunlight to your chest for 6 month to prevent color changes in the breast.

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