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Good looks are a must for every woman. She wants to be the best, the crowd puller. Hence it is not surprising that almost every woman will have at least a tiny makeup set tucked somewhere in the corner of her bag and it follows her throughout the day giving her the constant company and confidence needed.

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Takamatsu is known for its garden, Ritsurin Koen (adult: ¥400), and to a lesser extent, for the ruins of a small seaside castle. It also houses a modest art museum with rotating shows of modern art, and a plethora of small temples and shrines.

Ten minutes by train to the east is Yashima peninsula with Shikoku-mura an interesting open-air museum showing old houses collected from all around Shikoku. (adult: ¥800) Inside the open-air museum there is a small art museum with works of Western artist including Pablo Picasso. The building has a nice garden with a nice panorama and was designed by Tadao Ando.

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Many a times, you may find that you have a lot to carry, the last thing you want is the makeup set too, though you want that little assurance that the makeup set can give you. Also, if you think that it is only your face that requires that makeup set for, just think again. There is no end to how much people notice you when they are eagerly waiting to spot your flaws, so it is not just your face that would be getting noticed! To help you with situations like this, the manufacturers are working out makeup sets that can tend to all our needs. The best example I have seen so far is the ladies manicure and makeup set which is beautifully packed into an 18 piece set that can comfortably find a place in your bag.

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If you think that carrying the makeup set is not very convenient, you have the option of selecting certain makeup sets that tend to a one time use. So you stand to gain in all ways if you have one of these!

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