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Lipstick makeup: To pep up your spirits

Lipstick makeup has become a basic essential for anyone who wants to look glamorous with a touch of oomph. There is a great variety in a color of lipsticks. While it is true that they make you look a lot peppier, you may want to choose the shade right based on the occasion. The last thing you want to do is walk into office with a dashy red shade and make heads turn in amazement!

How to choose?

This is a basic question that anyone walking into a store to buy a lipstick will end up asking. There is no end to the colors and further, there are so many shades of lipstick that seem just perfect, but you are not sure if they are the ones for you!

Suit the tone

The simplest of rules is to ensure that the color suits your skin tone. While the color may look attractive by itself, it may not suit your complexion in which case you can safely eliminate it.

Day or night

Sunlight does make a difference in this case! It is good to use lighter colors for the day time while the darker ones can be used without a second thought during the nights.

Mix and match

There is no rule that says that you must stick to the colors you have. You can make your own shade by mixing of two or more colors to get the shade of your choice. This is for those creative few who do tend to think out of box quite many times!

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