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Lip Liner: Matching it with your lipstick

There is nothing worse than a visible lip liner. You don’t want a ring around your lips! A lip liner’s purpose is to enhance your lipstick and your lips and make them appear fuller, not to make sure you color inside the lines. Knowing this, you will need to find a lip liner that best matches your lipstick color so it blends well while making your lips look fuller and sensuous.

Lip Liner in Kansas (KS) - Colors to avoid

When choosing a lip liner, you will want to avoid natural colors unless your lipstick is natural because it will just make your lips look smaller by blending it in with your face. You might also want to keep away from colors that are totally contrasting to your lip color. For example, if your lipstick is a deep red, don’t go with a bright pink lip liner. Go with a darker red one that is close to it.

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Lip Liner in Kansas (KS) - Lip liners for the corporate look

If you are choosing a lip liner for regular wear, then, don’t go in for ones with gaudy colors. Opt for colors that are sober yet blend well with the color of your lipstick. You surely don’t want your colleagues and clients staring at your lips painted in dark colors, do you?

Lip Liner in Kansas (KS) - Liners for parties

You can break away from traditional boundaries when you are choosing a lip liner for party wear. You can opt for colors that can make you stand out among the crowd but without compromising on your looks.

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