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Make it glitter, make it shine

Lipstick is a “must have” for a complete makeup, but there is something that is very important to complete the lipstick itself and this is the lip gloss. Lip gloss adds that extra beauty to your lips by making them shine and glitter.

When and when not to use

Like every cosmetic, lip gloss too has a few restrictions. Though it is a fine cosmetic whether you use it all by itself or choose to apply it over the lipstick, it does not suit those how have thick lips. This is because, by the very nature, lip gloss adds volume to your lips. If you already have thick lips, be very conservative when it comes to the use of lip gloss.

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Lip Gloss in Indiana (IN) - Longer and better

For better results and for the lip gloss to last longer, use the foundation on your lips and dust off the excess. Follow this with a lip color of your choice and then the lip gloss. Sometimes, thought you want to use the lip gloss, you want a slightly lesser shine than it usually gives. In such case, you can tone down the shine by the use of a tissue. After applying the lip gloss, keep the tissue with a little powder against your lips. The powder will absorb some of the shine and you will be left with the gloss with a toned down shine.

Ready for the party

You can get really jazzy shades of lip gloss too. The sheer silver or gold lip gloss when applied over the lip color will make you look dashing and beautiful for any party.

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