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What Is Calf Augmentation?

Calf augmentation is a leg surgery that is performed for improving the shape of the legs. Legs are made more curvaceous and shapely looking through the insertion of implants.

Who Should Opt For Leg Surgery?

Plastic surgery for the calves is recommended for people whose legs are either thin and spindly or are not proportionate to their thighs and upper bodies. Anyone who has failed at improving the shape of their calves through exercise can opt for calf augmentation in order to get better looking legs that can be confidently showed off in shorts, mini skirts and swimwear.


Calf augmentation is a body procedure that can be carried out under both local and general anesthesia and takes upwards of an hour. Overnight stay in the hospital or plastic surgeon’s clinic is often recommended. During the plastic surgery, small incisions are made at the sides of the calves. Silicone calf implants are then inserted in between the calf muscles and the incision is sealed with stitches.


After this cosmetic procedure, you can get shapely, muscular looking calves with implants that look and feel like real muscles

Risks and Side Effects

Calf augmentation carries the risks associated with any kind of plastic surgery—excessive bleeding, infection, scarring etc. In some cases, the implants rupture inside and need to be replaced. Temporary bruising, swelling and pain is normal and will go off after a week to ten days. One can start walking a week after leg surgery but total recovery takes 6 weeks to two months.


Depending upon your choice of clinic, geographical location and your doctor, plastic leg surgery can cost you anything from $2500 to $5000.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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