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Long Lasting Lipstick: What you need to know

Reapplying lipstick is annoying. No one wants to have to get up from a table or leave a dance floor to add touch up to the lipstick. Not to mention that after reapplying so many times, the make-up just clumps and gets flaky and filmy. No one wants that. Of course all make-up companies are all advertising their lipstick to be the best at staying on your lips through drinks and food. But we ladies often discover that these ads are more hype than truth.

Partial damage

Sure they may last through one or two drinks, but soon they will be gone, or even worst, partially gone. Partially gone is worse because then you are reapplying over old makeup to create a look that is not so pleasing. Or you will end up with a ring of color on your mouth all night.

Washes out

Basically when it comes to long lasting lipsticks, none of them work as they say they do. Some of them are perfect when it comes to say, having a drink during work. But if you’re going to be out on the town having 5 or 10 beers, don’t trust that your lipstick will stick.

Finding the right one

In order to find one that’s right for your activity, you will have to try out a few brands. To be fair though, in all honesty, price tag means little when it comes to this. I have actually found that cheaper make-up in general will cling to your face and mouth far better then more expensive make-up, so don’t overlook these in your quest.

lasting lipstic - News update:
The MHRA has issued a warning on its website about the dangers of slimming drugs containing ephedrine. Firstly, it reports that the Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration have issued strong warnings about the ‘Therma Power’ slimming drug, following the death of a 36 year old male who suffered from a myocardial infarction. This product is available in two varieties; both the red (contains very high concentrations of ephedrine and caffeine) and the blue (contains synephrine and caffeine) can be harmful to health and/or have been linked to serious health problems. In addition the MHRA have received a report of a female patient suffering respiratory arrest after taking three tablets of ‘Grenade Fat Burner’, an imported slimming aid which contains Ma Huang (ephedrine), Coleus forskohlii and citrus aurantium (synephrine). Please see the link above for further details. More...

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