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Laser Facial Procedures - General Information

Laser facial procedures could address several deformities as well as hair and skin problems effectively. Laser skin resurfacing would help patients with the problems of wrinkles, acne and other scars, loose skin, dark spots, unwanted hair, birthmarks, tattoos, vascular legions, pre-cancerous lesions, and enlarged pores. The laser face procedure is particularly effective for non-smoking, healthy persons.

Laser Facial Procedures - Laser Resurfacing Procedure

In any laser resurfacing cosmetic procedure, the light waves of carbon dioxide are amplified into high-energy laser rays. These rays vaporize the topmost layer of the skin. There is no bleeding in this plastic surgery and the trauma is minimal to the patient since the surrounding skin is not affected in any way. The laser resurfacing is done under a local anesthetic. Swelling of the skin would subside in about 10 days. The surgeon would recommend skin ointments during this period so that the skin is kept supple until complete recovery. The redness of the skin would also normally fade in 3-4 weeks.

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laser facial procedures - Procedure Information

Facial plastic surgery with laser could be done on any part of the face, including the ears, eyes, cheeks, neck, chin, etc. Unwanted hair removal on the face would be quite easy with laser face procedure. The total time of the surgery would be determined by the depth and size of the scars or the degree of skin wrinkling. In case of extensive damage to the skin, the surgeon might need to perform this cosmetic procedure more than once.

Laser Facial Procedures - After the Surgery

Laser face procedures improve the tone of the facial skin and remove undesired hair. This enhances the self-esteem and self-confidence of the patient. Since this laser plastic surgery is minimally invasive, the face procedure is quite safe. However, undue exposure to harsh sun or excessive heat should be avoided during the recovery period. It would be advisable for you to discuss the entire process of laser face procedure with your surgeon in detail before submitting yourself this cosmetic procedure. This would remove the doubts in your mind and help you in avoiding stress during this plastic surgery.

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