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Jaw Surgery Procedure

Plastic surgeons use implants to emphasize your face. The implants will create a harmonic appearance of your face allowing you to feel better about yourself. There are many types of implants made of different material. They can emphasize the jaw line, the checks and create better proportions between the chin and the checks. Before the operation it is important to clarify your expectations with the surgeon. Using pictures of people with desired face shapes might be useful. This operation involves cuts inside your mouse, therefore you should inform the surgeon about smoking and dental problems. You should make shore there is someone with you after the surgery to take you home. Ask if you need to restrain from eating and drinking before the surgery and for how long.

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South Dakota Stay safe

The eastern part of South Dakota is in Tornado Alley so might want to check the Tornado safety page if you are visiting South Dakota.

The surgeons use implants to achieve a better balance and create a younger look. The implant insertion may last 1-2 hours. The cuts are made inside the mouse near the lip sides. The surgeon creates a special pocket into which the implant is inserted. To close the cuts the surgeon uses melting stitches so they don`t has to be removed. The surgery can be done using local anesthetics with sedative drugs and sometimes with general anesthesia.

Every operation has its risks. The implant may move from the original place. Then you need to undergo additional procedure to replace it. Infection is rare, it can be treated with antibiotics and in some cases the infected implant will be removed and replaced by another one. Some of the implants made of silicon. There is no sufficient evidence that silicon can be dangerous.

SD jaw surgery - News update:
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Immediately after the surgery there is significant swelling which reaches a peak after 24-48 hours. Although most of the swelling resolve after a few weeks, some of it may persist for month, making the face look different from its final appearance. During the healing time there is limitation to liquid or soft foods and restrain from physical activities. The ability to speak, smile or move the lips is impaired for a few days up to few weeks. The surgeon will guide you regarding dental hygiene.

It is advisable not to participate at activities which may harm your face. In any case it is better to consult with the surgeon.

SD jaw surgery - Tip of the day:
What are the various shapes of implants used for cheek augmentation?
There are three main shapes of implants used for cheek augmentation by doctors in SD(South Dakota). The most commonly used shape is called the “malar” and this is placed over the cheek bones. There is a shape called sub malar which are primarily used to augment the mid section of the face. Another shape called “combined”, which is a combination of the two shapes mentioned above, is used for either augmenting the mid section of the face or the cheek bones. 

The final results may take weeks and even month to notice, therefore you must be patient.

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