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Inverted Nipple Repair Procedure

Inverted Nipple or Nipple inversion causes the nipple to point inward instead of outward. Inverted nipples are usually evident as a slit or hole in the breast at the location of the nipple and may be present on one or both sides. Inverted nipples are usually a congenital problem but may be related to scarring from breast-feeding or infection in the ducts, or a previous breast surgery. Nipple inversion can cause functional problems such as irritation, rash and discomfort and may prevent the ability to breast-feed.

Abnormal nipple shape is graded from minor depressed profile, to flat profile, onto full inverted nipples where the nipple is essentially positioned below the plane of the breast. In order to enhance your appearance, improve your confidence, and functionally to assist recently-pregnant women with breast feeding, the procedure is to release the binding tissues within your areola and allow your nipple to migrate to the surface. Current cosmetic surgery techniques have refined the Inverted Nipple Repair procedure, so you can have confidence in getting the right results. Inverted Nipple Repair Procedure can also be used to correct puffy, oversized nipples. The surgeon will remove and alter the nipple tissue, creating a normal healthy looking nipple.

The correction of inverted nipples is a procedure that is minimally invasive and can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lifting or breast reduction surgery (for both men and women).

Types of Inverted Nipples

There are three "grades" of inversion - which basically means three levels of severity. While some nipples may only be inverted some of the time (and "come out" or become everted in response to cold or physical touch), others are more severely inverted and never come out. Some women can breastfeed normally, while others will never be able to breastfeed.

Grade 1. Nipples are inverted but can become everted manually (through stimulation) or in response to cold temperature. They can remain everted for some time. Milk ducts are usually not compromised and breast feeding is possible. These are "shy nipples".

Grade 2. Nipples are inverted and are more difficult to evert. The eversion almost never lasts - the nipple returns to the inverted state immediately. Breast feeding could be possible, but this is not a sure thing.

Grade 3. Nipples are severely inverted and never evert. Milk ducts are often constricted and breast feeding is impossible. Women with Grade 3 inverted nipples may also struggle with infections, rashes, or problems with nipple hygiene.

There are two techniques to correct inverted nipples - one that leaves the milk ducts intact and one where the milk ducts need to be divided.
In either case, the objective is to reshape the nipple and areola so that the nipple projects out from the breast, enhancing the appearance of the breast while preserving sensitivity of the nipple.
The technique that leaves the milk ducts intact can also help preserve a woman`s ability to breastfeed.

Milk Ducts Intact - The procedure can be done under local anaesthesia. An incision will be made just around the base of the nipple on the areola. The nipple and areola tissue is lifted from (but still connected to) the breast and stitched into a new, projecting shape utilizing a purse-string style of suturing (stitches). Because of the circular shape of the scar around the nipple, scar contracture will actually increase rather than decrease nipple projection.
Milk Ducts Divided - This procedure is much more common and may be necessary in more difficult cases. Your doctor will apply local anaesthetic. An incision is made at the nipple base, and the shortened milk ducts are detached, allowing a natural-looking projection of the nipple. The incision is sutured closed and medicated gauze is applied to the site.

Recovery is very rapid with a return to work and most activities within hours. Showers are permitted the next day. The sutures will be removed in 4 to 7 days.
There is minimal pain or swelling. Sensation is normal immediately or returns fully within several days.
Inverted Nipple Repair procedure can be combined with other procedures including breast enlargement, breast lift, or breast reduction.

Things To Be Aware Of After Inverted  Nipple Repair Procedure:  The skin of your breasts may appear shiny due to swelling. Within a few weeks, the swelling will disappear and the skin will return to a normal appearance. You may experience some numbness in the area of your surgery, but this generally goes away within six weeks of your surgery. If both nipples are corrected, your breasts may heal at different rates. One breast may swell, one may feel less comfortable, or the shapes of your breasts may look different. This is normal; however, when your body is fully recovered, your breasts will look very similar and natural.
 Like all surgical procedures, there are risks associated with inverted nipple repair surgery.
Some possible side effects include:
• Loss of nipple sensation
• Inability to breastfeed
• Recurrence of nipple inversion
• Scarring

 Inverted Nipple Repair Procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours to perform.  This is done on an out-patient basis. 

 You are good candidate for Inverted Nipple Repair surgery, if you are in general good health and have a clear understanding of the limitations and potential results of your nipple inversion repair.

In most cases, you will be ready to go home shortly after your inverted nipple repair procedure. You may be drowsy after the anesthesia and the area around the incisions will be sore so it is important to have someone drive you home after your surgery.
Nipple inversion may recur within months to years or the results of the surgery may be permanent. There is no way to know how long the inverted nipple repair correction will last. The doctor will discuss possible scenarios with you at your  consultation.

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Utah inverted nipple repair - Tip of the day:
Inverted Nipple Repair - Post- Surgery
The surgeons in Utah(UT) warn that skin of your breasts may appear shiny due to swelling. Within a few weeks, the swelling will disappear. You may experience some numbness in the area of your surgery, but this generally goes away within six weeks of your surgery. There are different healing times if both nipples are corrected but will eventually appear the same.

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