Hair Threading

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Hair Threading

Hair threading, known as epilation, is hair loss in a natural manner or hair removal through various skin procedures. Majority of men usually shave the hair growth in the face regularly, though several men sport moustache, while others feel proud in having a beard. The hair on the head is lost as people age and balding results. Statistically, it had been found the hair loss on the head is significantly higher in the case of men, while only very few women suffer from the problem of baldness. Sometimes, women might feel embarrassed by hair growth in the face, arms, legs, and other parts of the body. Such women would undergo cosmetic surgery skin procedures to remove the unwanted hair growth.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is done in several ways like hair grafting, hair implants, hair replacement, and scalp flap transfer. The success of the plastic surgery of hair restoration would depend on the type of cosmetic surgery. The emergence of skin procedures like hair transplants of single follicular units had brought sophistication to hair replacement cosmetic surgery.

Procedure for Hair Restoration

The surgeon would first determine the donor site from which hair grafting could be done. The surgeon would prepare the site and take the donor skin. The hair follicles that would help in hair restoration would be carefully dissected. Then, the surgeon would prepare the implant site and administer a local anesthetic. The surgeon would make incisions so that the hair line is formed evenly. Then the hair grafts or the hair follicles would be pushed into the incision areas with the help of the forceps generally used by watchmakers.

Alopecia Reduction

Alopecia reduction is a hair restoration cosmetic surgery procedure, in which the bald scalp is surgically removed and the hair-bearing scalp spots are stretched upward for replacing the bald scalp removed through the plastic surgery. Alopecia reduction could be combined with other hair transplantation procedures for complete effectiveness.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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