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Hair plucking is one of the painful processes in body hair removal. Cosmetic treatments of hair removal like laser removal and other safer methods of epilation had reduced the pain in body hair removal. Hair plucking by tweezers is not only painful but also consumes lot of time. Since traditionally women had been conditioned to think that they should not have any hair on their body, millions of women all over the world resort to hair plucking, particularly those who could not afford body hair removal processes like laser removal or other types of cosmetic treatments.

If we understand how the hair grows, then the process of hair removal would also be easier. One hair contains four parts, the first being the hair shaft that is seen outside the skin. The second is the hair follicle just under the top layer of the skin. The third is the sebaceous gland in the inner layer of the skin. The fourth is the erector pili muscle, which supports the root of the hair. The hair growth depends on the hormones present in the body of an individual, the genetic factors that the individual had inherited, and the various parts of the body.

Removing unwanted hair could be done in several ways but hair removal on a permanent basis could not be done easily. Shaving is the easiest method but this had to be done frequently, might be on a daily basis also, depending on the rate of growth of hair of an individual. The method of body hair removal should be decided on the skin type, the area where the hair is to be removed, the time available, and the cost of hair removal. Physical hair plucking is inexpensive but repeated pulling the hair out of the follicle could damage the follicle. Hence, a good cosmetic treatment like laser removal is advisable for persons who wish to have a smooth and clean body..

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