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In order to cure baldness, scientists have developed a procedure to replace hair in the balding areas with hair that is genetically programmed for perseverance, like the ones that grow on the back part of the head as well as the sides. By doing so, hair continued to grow as long as the hair on the donor side was growing.

Before the procedure

Hair graft is accredited to be the path that eventually led to the development of newer hair transplanting techniques. It is because of the early success that doctors and researchers had with hair graft that eventually gave us the plethora of choices we have today. For suitable patients, it continues to be a viable option.

The reality

The process is very simple to understand. Doctors usually select donor hair from an area that is known to have strong rooted permanent hair. This is usually the back and sides of your head. When this hair is placed on the balding area, it will eventually start growing in stages, and will continue growing as long as the donor area is still healthy, eventually reducing baldness.

After the procedure

Hair loss develops with age. Its intensity increases as a person gets older, and hence, grafting is only a temporary solution. You may have to go in for alternate cosmetic treatments like hair transplants if your condition deteriorates later. But, for the early hair loss problems, this skin procedure continues to be the favored one.


For people who are conscious about how their face appears and are worried about the reducing hair volume, hair graft seems to be a sensible choice. It doesn’t really have any major side effects and is in fact one of the most practiced and researched techniques in hair restoration. With good medical guidance, you should be able to have successful hair grafting to treat your balding condition.

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