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People prefer fuller lips nowadays after the phenomenal success and appeal of persons like Angelina Jolie. Particularly for women, full and soft lips accentuate their femininity and sensuality. Fuller lips could be achieved by plastic surgery cosmetic procedure or by injecting bovine or human collagen and other cosmetic fillers. However, the lip augmentation through these fillers could be painful at times. Moreover, these fillers are absorbed after a few months and the injections had to be repeated regularly. The swelling and bruising remain for 3-4 weeks.

Gortex Insertion

Gortex is a foam-like material. Gortex strips could be inserted into the lips. The lip augmentation through this method is more permanent. Still, several patients had complained that the lips do not become supple and soft but feel very hard. If any complication arises, removing this implant would be very difficult. Complications like lip asymmetry, infection, and extrusion or migration of the implant had also been reported. As such, this lip procedure had not become popular.

Fat Injections

Fat injection with the fat removed from another part of the body of the patient is the safest plastic surgery method for lip augmentation. Since the fat comes from the body of the patient, the problems of incompatibility or allergy do not arise. Since the amount of fat that is injected could be varied, the lip augmentation could be controlled to the desired level. The only negative point in this safe cosmetic procedure is that the fat is absorbed by the body after a few months and the lips become deflated. As such, the process should be repeated periodically.

Cosmetic Products

Several cosmetic products like lipsticks, glosses, and topical preparations had appeared in the market and their cost varies from $5 to $40. While some of these products have natural ingredients but majority of them contain harmful components like cinnamon, niacin, peppermint, and caffeine, which could lead to unwanted complications.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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