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Forehead surgery is not a common cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery. Patients having craniosynostosis or congenital skull deformation might need this face procedure. In certain cases, patients who had undergone a cosmetic procedure of craniotomy in neurosurgery or patients suffering from frontal skull deformation due to trauma might require forehead surgery. This facelift procedure would be performed to smooth out the irregularities in the forehead or to soften the asymmetry in brow ridges.

Forehead Reduction Surgery

In general, forehead irregularity treatment could be done by the burning down of brow ridges or the forehead bone. In some patients, implants could be injected into the forehead to correct the abnormality in the forehead. However, in burning down the forehead bone or brow ridges, the limiting factor would be determined by the underlying forehead frontal sinus. If the sinus were thin, then the surgeon would not be able to remove too much bone. Further, this procedure could effectively address small raised forehead areas but the reduction of large areas of the forehead could be quite difficult.

Forehead Augmentation Surgery

Addition or filling up the forehead bone is a much more effective and easier cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery. Normally, polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA had been used extensively for forehead augmentation. The risks of this material getting loose, the forehead becoming infected, or the overlying skin of the forehead getting thin is possible, but such risks are very rare. Of late, certain ‘natural’ materials like hydroxyapatite cements or HA are being used by plastic surgeons, since the structure of HA closely resembles the structure of the human bone. However, HA is quite costly, compared to PMMA.

Forehead Augmentation Procedure

The surgeon would perform an open incision on the forehead either to remove the bone or to inject the implants. If the surgeon and the patient feel that the incision would be long and the scar would be visible, endoscopic incisions of smaller sizes could be resorted to by the surgeon. Since this is a highly sensitive plastic surgery, only highly skilled and experienced surgeons should do this cosmetic procedure.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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