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Facial procedures of plastic surgery are specifically directed towards the alteration of the facial contours for proportional and symmetrical appearance. The face procedure could be performed on part of the face like skull, jaws, bone, skin, eyes, ears, etc. to remove deformities and to reshape these parts as desired by the patient. In many cases, the facial cosmetic procedure could also improve the functioning of these parts, apart from enhancing their look. Some of the face procedures in plastic surgery are briefly presented here.

facial procedures - common procedures

Nowadays, people like to have fuller lips. Lip augmentation could be done by skilled plastic surgeons with different type of permanent implants, fillers, or by corrective lip surgery.

Eyelid lift or eyelid tuck is another face procedure that is in good demand now. This cosmetic procedure is done on upper and lower eyelids to remove the drooping or sagging in the eyelids and provide a young, rejuvenated look to the eye.

Chin liposuction is a popular plastic surgery to create a well-defined jaw line and to rectify the double chin.

General facelift plastic surgery is done by a skillful plastic surgeon under the administration of mild sedation or local anesthetic. The surgeon makes an incision behind the hairline in the temple area and continues down in a natural skin crease in front of your ear. The surgeon circles around the lobe of the ear carefully to reach the starting point in the scalp in the skull. The skin is pulled outward for getting access to the muscle and the connective tissue beneath the skin. The surgeon cautiously repositions the tissue or tightens it. The tissue is then secured in the new position with either tissue glue or appropriate sutures. In certain cases, the surgeon might reposition or remove fat also for better facial contours. After the underlying tissues are tightened, the surgeon would trim away the excess skin. Finally, the surgeon would close the incisions with fine sutures, tissue glue, or staples for the healing process to start.

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The nose could be reshaped by the cosmetic procedure of Rhinoplasty for aesthetic looks. Similarly, the ear could also be reshaped to provide symmetry with the rest of the face.

Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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