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facial liposuction - General Info

The cosmetic procedure of facial liposuction is aimed at rectifying unwanted fat deposits in the face or a double chin. The fat removal process reshapes the face to acceptable proportions. In certain cases, the liposuction might be done in a few stages to achieve the right facial structure. The jowls and the chin are the areas where fat accumulation significantly occurs and changes the contours of the face. The weight loss processes would not be able to help you in acquiring a proportional and symmetrical face but liposuction would definitely fulfill this specific desire.

facial liposuction - The Procedure

The plastic surgery is done by making small incisions in the neck or face in areas that are inconspicuous. A cannula is inserted into the incisions and the cannula is connected to a tiny suction pump or syringe. The excess fat in the bulging areas is extracted. The entire face procedure is done by administering a local anesthetic or mild sedation. The incisions are closed after the fat removal with fine sutures. The plastic surgery might take about an hour or two, depending on how much fat is required to be removed. For most persons, one single liposuction face procedure would be more than enough.

facial liposuction - News update:
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facial liposuction -After the Surgery

For the first few weeks, the patient would need to wear an elastic sling while sleeping. Mild painkillers would be advised by the surgeon during this recovery period. The swelling in the operated areas would subside on its own in a few days. The liposuction face procedure would cost between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on the amount of fat removal work. Some surgeons use a technique known as ultrasonic liposuction, in which the cannula is fitted with a special tip. This tip emits controlled ultrasonic waves to convert the fat into liquid. The liquid fat is suctioned off easily. The ultrasonic face procedure would be costly but it is considered lass traumatic compared to the conventional liposuction plastic surgery.

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