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Facelift Alternative Soultions in Puerto Rico (PR) - What is it?

A facelift is a medical procedure and as such, there are some risks associated with it. Infection is just one of the issues you might encounter, there are several others such as scarring, hematoma (bleeding under the skin), face nerve injury weakness, skin loss, facial asymmetry and pain. If your face is starting to show aging, and you want to get rid of wrinkles, age spots and many other signs, facelift is not the only solution.

Facelift Alternative Soultions in Puerto Rico (PR) - Common Solutions

A liquid facelift which uses facial fillers, Botox and Thermage is just some of the many alternative solutions for facelift. A combination of Botox and facial fillers, Restylane, Radiesse, Juverderm, etc can be used to produce the same result. Also most patients who opt for liquid facelift are advised to get a skin tightening procedure such as Thermage.

Skin resurfacing is also a non-surgical alternative treatment which has similar effect as a facelift and anti aging treatments. This procedure uses two methods to refresh the different layers of the skin in order to achieve a more youthful appearance – laser and chemical peels.  The ideal candidate for a skin restructuring is one who has lots of fine lines and sun spots in the area around the mouth and eyes.

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Here is some General Information about Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Terrain

Puerto Rico is mostly mountainous, although there is a coastal plain belt in the north. The mountains precipitous to the sea on the west coast. There are sandy beaches along most of the coast. There are many small rivers about the island and the high central mountains ensure the land is well watered, although the south coast is relatively dry. There is a fertile coastal plain belt in north. Puerto Rico's highest point is at Cerro de Punta, which is 1,338 m above sea level.

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For people who cannot tolerate needles and other drastic procedures, anti aging cream provide a solution.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of anti aging cosmetic products today but only a few of them actually work. Worse, others even have irritants and inflammatory ingredients which actually contribute to more fine lines and sun spots.

In choosing an anti aging cream, check for the active ingredients and make sure these ingredients are found in large quantities: retinol, hydroxy acids, coenzyme Q10, copper peptides, kinetin and tea extracts.

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Facelift Alternative Soultions in Puerto Rico (PR) - How can you Help the Treatment?

Facelift, cosmetic products and other alternative treatment will all help reduce wrinkles but you should also exercise good habits to ensure that you won’t have to deal with anti aging for a long time yet. Always protect your skin from the sun, and it is best to choose products which have built-in sunscreen. Also, moisturizers should always be present, and you should always observe a healthy diet.

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