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Face Procedures is a broad term that applies to all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to the face.  It is also referred to as Facial Rejuvenation.   Each of your facial features can be individually enhanced with a specific facial plastic surgery procedure. Looking your best and having attractive facial features can be an important edge in both your personal and professional life.  Facial Procedures are an especially popular form of plastic surgery for women and men over 40. Since the face is our most visible feature and since it expresses our emotions and feelings, it can be disturbing when the aging process begins and we see changes we are not familiar with. Even energetic people can look tired or sad due to the aging process. Facial aging occurs when the skin on the face loses elasticity and firmness. This is caused by gravity, heredity, environmental conditions, and stress. Fortunately, there are many options available to ease the signs of facial aging including facelift(Upper and lower) eyelid surgery, ear pinning (otoplasty)chin implants, cheek implants, neck liposuction, neck surgery, brow lift, jaw surgery, lip enhancement, and forehead surgery. Changing the appearance of the nose can be achieved through rhinoplasty. Each of these procedures refines, reduces, or enhances a facial feature, bringing it into harmony with the rest of the face.

The goal of all facial procedures is to correct issues on the face that can happen as a person ages. Sagging skin, wrinkles, jowls and deep cheek folds are all issues that traditional surgeries can correct, while laser facial procedures tend to target smaller skin imperfections such as small wrinkles.

Facial Procedures are usually performed by a board certified plastic surgeon under general anesthesia. Cuts are made into the skin at the hairline, and the underlying tissue and muscle is pulled taut. This gives the skin a smoother, more youthful appearance. Sometimes, excess skin is also removed from the facial area. All of this work can be done on an outpatient basis. Patients are often up and moving around very soon.

If you have a full or partial surgery, you are going to have to deal with some discomfort afterwards. Swelling will be a part of this and you have to have reasonable expectations. You are not going to come out of surgery and immediately look great. The adjustment of muscles, fatty tissue and skin is going to get a reaction from the body. Swelling will be prominent immediately after the procedure as the body forces blood into the area to help with the healing. 

 Depending on the facial procedure, patients can wash their face and hair within one or two days afterward.  Most of the swelling diminishes within the first week, and most people are back “in circulation” by ten to fourteen days after surgery, and are looking great within the month.

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Will the scars be visible after the face procedures?
Most of the time the scars, that occur during the face procedures, heal and tend to become invisible over a period of time. However, at times when the cosmetic surgery is not performed well, there are chances of permanent scarring. Look for the surgeons in IE(Ireland) which perform face procedures using the most modern equipment in order to minimize the chances of permanent scarring.
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With the popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures, it is vital that the surgeon select patients for procedures who likely will benefit, handle stress in a healthy manner, and not pose an undue level of aggravation to the surgeon and staff. By using a carefully planned preoperative written assessment, the surgeon can help identify patients who, for psychologic reasons, are emotionally suitable for such surgery. More...

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