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Eyelid tuck is also known as eyelid lifting, eyelid surgery, and blepharoplasty. This cosmetic procedure is conducted to correct the drooping eyelids and eyelid reshaping. The reshaping of the eyelids is achieved by removing the excess skin, fat, muscle, and/or the herniated fat in the region of the eye and its surroundings. When the eyelids start to droop or sag, we acquire an older look with a tired face. The eyelid tuck would restore the eyes to their original youthful shape and appearance, with a rejuvenated, alter look.

This plastic surgery is a delicate cosmetic procedure and should be done only a skilled plastic surgeon that is well versed with various eye types and facial structures. The eyelid tuck would not eliminate crow’s feet or the dark circles under the eyes. If excess skin is present in the eyelids, it could block the vision of the patient. Eyelid tightening would be able to remedy this problem easily. In eyelid tuck, the surgeon removes all excess muscle and herniated fat. The decision of what constitutes excess muscle and fat is a difficult one. Only the sagging and atrophied muscle and fat should be removed. Otherwise, there could be severe complications later.

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The orbital septum is nothing but a thin layer of fibrous tissues that start from the superior orbital rim. This septum remains like a curtain across the eyelid. The levator Apo neurosis is joined at the top edge of the tarsal plate with interdigitating fibers. The septum retains the orbital fat in position. Due to aging, trauma, or hereditary defects, the septum would weaken and the orbital fat would protrude. Blepharoplasty corrects this condition and eyelid tuck improves the appearance of the eyes.

Nowadays, majority of plastic surgeons resort to repositioning of the muscle and fat rather than concentrating solely on removing them. However, only the surgeon should decide the appropriate cosmetic procedure, after carefully assessing the condition of each patient. Similarly, the administration of local anesthetic or sedation would also depend on the patient’s medical history. You should have detailed discussion with the plastic surgeon about the procedure and the costs involved before going in for eyelid tuck.

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