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Eyelid Ptosis surgery is also known as repair of droopy eyelid.  When upper eyelid dropping occurs, the situation could be remedied by Eyelid Ptosis surgery. To understand eyelid dropping or Ptosis, we should first understand the special anatomy of our eyes. The levator muscle starts in the backside area of the eye. When it enters the eyelid, it becomes a tendon, termed as the Apo neurosis. When the levator Apo neurosis tears or becomes thin, eyelid dropping occurs. In certain rare cases, muscle diseases like myasthenia gravis might result in the muscle being paralyzed. This condition could not be corrected by Eyelid Ptosis surgery alone.

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Can eyelid surgery eliminate the crow’s feet around the eyes?
If just eyelid surgery is performed, then it is not possible to eliminate the fine lines, called crow’s feet, around the eye. However, surgeons in Croatia(HR) say that if you opt for dermal filters in conjunction with this surgery, then this problem can be removed too.  Thus, you will not only get rid of the droopy look, but you can also bid goodbye to signs of aging.

To obtain active cooperation from the patient during this plastic surgery, local anesthetic is administered with minimal sedation. A skin incision is created in the upper eyelid. The surgeon would then proceed with standard blepharoplasty for removing the excess fat. The levator Apo neurosis would be visible to the surgeon now. The eye surgery would proceed further by tucking the Apo neurosis with non-dissolving sutures. The cosmetic procedure should be done very carefully at this stage for getting a smooth lift of the droopy eyelid, for matching both the upper eyelids for a normal look, and for restoring the natural curve to the eyelid margin.

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The condition of Ptosis could be remedied by performing eye surgery from the backside of the lid combining blepharoplasty. However, this procedure is considered as successful as the standard Eyelid Ptosis surgery. Moreover, the surgeon should evaluate whether only eyelid dropping alone exists or baggy eyelids are also present. If the patient is suffering from both problems, then the surgeon should address both of them.

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Eyelid Ptosis surgery does not interfere with normal blepharoplasty but the recovery would be prolonged. The lift of the upper eyelid would not be complete until the internal inflammation totally disappears. Normally, the Ptosis repair becomes apparent only after 3 to 6 weeks after the eye surgery. Still, certain patients might need even 2 to 6 months to recover fully. Hence, the surgeon should not take any premature decision for reoperation.

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