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Eyelash transplant is a highly delicate plastic surgery procedure. In this cosmetic procedure, the donor hair is restored and replaced into the natural eyelashes. This is done through various methods. However, many procedures of the past had become outdated now due to their poor results. Eyelash transplant could be done only a highly qualified and skilled team of plastic surgeons with the help of the right technique and proper instruments. Any mistake would not only hinder the growth of new hair follicles but also injure the eyelashes.

In this sensitive eye surgery, the diameter of the present eyelashes is measured for finding out the average hair density that would need to be used. If no eyelashes are present, then the normal eyelash density is taken to decide on the donor hair. The hair from the scalp could be harvested either with the technique of Stereoscopic Follicular Unit Stripping or with Follicular Unit Extraction method. The donor hair harvesting is done with a local anesthetic. After collecting the donor hairs, they are processed in stereoscopic microscopes for proper growth and direction of each hair.

The eyelids are administered another local anesthetic before the hair transplant is done. In the eyelash, micro-incisions are made with a very fine instrument. Each hair is carefully planted by using microsurgery technique. Bruising and scarring would be minimal if the plastic surgery is done by an expert surgeon. After proper growth, the eyelashes would look completely natural.

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The density of the eyelash hairs would vary, since women would have more eyelashes compared to men. On an average, the number of hairs in eyelash transplant varies between 30 and 80. Still, the aim of this cosmetic procedure is to implant as many numbers of hairs as possible, without compromising on the existing hair follicles or damaging the skin of the eyelid.

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