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Eyebags Surgery - What Is It?

As we age, most of us develop bags under our eyes. This bag development is due to the sagging of the protective fat coating that borders the eyes. When the suppleness of the skin decreases, the sagging sets in. When this occurs, we look not only aged but also worn out. Eye bags surgery could restore a younger look. Even though aging is the most common cause for eye bags, the excess weight of the fat could make the epidermis, the ligaments, and the muscles more lax and bags would appear. In certain persons, due to excess skin around the eyes, the epidermis would become relaxed and look like eye bags. The thickening of the lid muscles could also lead to bag formation. In rare cases, more than one reason could lead to the development of eye bags.

Eyebags Surgery - How Is It Done?

Eye bag removal surgery is done to eliminate the puffy bags under the eyes. However, this cosmetic procedure would not remove dark circles or crow’s feet around the eyes or lift the sagging eyebrows. Like other plastic surgery procedures, eye bag removal surgery is done by making a few small incisions below the eyelash. The surgeon removes the excess skin and fat. This procedure is normally done on the lower and upper eyelids. Even though local anesthetic is administered, the patient might be required to stay overnight in the hospital. The surgeon would remove the stitches within 7 days after the plastic surgery. The patient would be able to return to normal routine after the removal of the stitches.

Eyebags Surgery - After the Surgery:

Persons with glaucoma, detached retina, and other medical conditions like thyroid problem and hypothyroidism are not the right candidates for this delicate eye surgery. Even people with high blood pressure and diabetes should think twice before undergoing this cosmetic procedure. The plastic surgeon is the best judge in this matter.

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