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Choosing the right Eye Pencil

Eye pencils are an integral part of eye makeup. They help in enhancing the look of the eyes by defining their shape. When it comes buying the right one, there are definitely a lot of options available to you.

Liquid Eye pencil

Liquid eye pencil will provide you with a wet fresh look, and some users say that liquid eye pencil helps in easier application as compared to a dry pencil. It is much easier to drag it along the eye but will require a lot more coordination so you don’t smudge it and make it run - it is liquid after all.

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Dry eye pencil

Dry eye pencil is a classic choice and comes at affordable prices in NH (New Hampshire). It is available in an array of colors, though black is the most widely chosen, and is the staple of most make-up kits. The only issue with it is that it can be rough and sharp, and sometimes it will just break off and you will need to re-sharpen it. So if you go with a dry pencil, make sure you have a pencil sharpener close by.

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Different colors

Black and browns are the colors that are used most, but lately there as been as increase in the number of people in NH (New Hampshire), using non natural eye liner colors. This can be great for going out when you want to look unique or mystical. I wouldn’t recommend neon green eye liner for a professional look though. But it can really spice up your look if you’re planning to paint the town red.

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